At DAÏQUIRI, we use a selection of fine & natural stones on our Jewelry, multiplying the opportunities to mix aesthetics with powerful lithotherapy.

Let’s deep dive together into the incredible universe of our signature fine stones & their virtues.  


Kaki green apatite is the only mineral that was ever found in its crystal form in the human body, more specifically in the tooth enamel. In lithotherapy, it has been used in the past decades to help repair fractures and consolidate teeth and bones. Physically and mentally, green apatite embraces growth & strength: it is the stone of builders, entrepreneurs, creators. The ambassador of bold and strong-willed individuals, it was made for our label.

It is also famous for facilitating self-expression and communication. It is said that this stone was commonly used to boost self-esteem and thus allow its owner to develop excellent speech skills.

Associated with the heart and throat chakras, its virtues will reach their prime on a necklace. 

We fell in love with this bright and lively green color, but just like its sister above, angelite is also hard to find in green and is usually seen in a bright blue shade.

Spiritually, this stone is all about comfort, healing & safety.

As its name suggests, angelite is the stone of angels. Also called the "awareness stone", this extremely spiritual kind facilitates your communication with the spiritual world while discharging you from negative emotions.

Associated with the throat chakras but also helping blood circulation, its virtues will reach their prime on a necklace or a bracelet. 



Extremely popular for its transluscent blue colour, numerous beliefs gravitate around aquamarine. Coming from the Latin aqua marina meaning “sea water”, it is said to be an offering left by the ocean Gods - Poseidon and Triton – a treasure later discovered in mermaids’ safes.

In the Middle Ages, because of its translucent aspect, aquamarine was associated with clairvoyance and lucidity, making it the main component of psychics’ crystal balls.

Today, aquamarine is considered the stone of love. Its highly soothing and positive vibrations embrace tenderness, harmony and fidelity. It is a symbol of unconditional love, commonly used on engagement rings.

As a natural shield and protective talisman, it has always been a lucky charm for sailors. It is also said to calm anxiety and facilitate expressiveness: the best companion for going through a stressful event.

Utilized to realign all body chakras but mostly associated with the throat and heart ones, its virtues will reach their prime on a necklace.



Violet jade is an extremely rare variety of jade that can only be found in two places in the world. It is in Asia that we may encounter its lilac version : the one we adore at DAÏQUIRI. 
Purple jade is the stone of hilarity. Purifying and protective of the aura, it reveals spontaneous joie de vivre and is particularly suited to empathetic and sensitive personalities thanks to its calming properties. On a mental level, this lilac semiprecious stone encourages clairvoyance: it improves discernment and consciousness, clarifies the vision and expands dreams.


Used for thousands of years for its healing properties, lilac Jade is a preservative of youth and an anti-stress stone.



Malachite radiates a gentle, protective energy that has been appreciated for thousands of years. A true stone of protection, in Egypt it used to be worn around the neck of pregnant women and in Greece around the wrist of soldiers to protect them from injury. Easily identifiable by its layers of multiple shades of green, its outward beauty makes it easy to interpret this stone: it is said to match with the different layers of human consciousness, alternating the positive and the negative, light and darkness. For this reason, malachite is a stone of protection associated with energy flows, inner balance and plenitude.

Associated with the heart chakra but also helping blood circulation, its virtues will reach their prime on a necklace or a bracelet. 



Collier de perles pour homme et femme de luxe, perles naturelles de culture, perles d'eau douce, collier de perles coloré, pierres fines et argent 925. Tendance, unisexe et luxueux.

Of volcanic origin, celestial eye obsidian is the result of contact between water and lava. It is a shiny black stone with light silver, brown or green reflections. Its name comes from a visual phenomenon: cut and polished into a sphere, its reflections reveal a pupil shape. Obsidian is dark, but it is a stone of light that brings clairvoyance, truth and the strength to take action. It is called the celestial eye because it is said that this stone was used to shape the hearts of men, forming a link between our world and the beyond, the divine or the cosmos, depending on each person's interpretation and beliefs.



Okinawa is an island in Japan where glass beads have been made by hand since the 8th century: they are shaped one by one around a rod that is heated to over 1000°c flames. Originally, these coloured glass beads were called "Tonbo Dama", which translates as "dragonfly bead", since their patterns evoked the pretty creature's eyes. It is only when silver foil is added to the shaping of these beads that their appearance changes: they become "Hotaru Dama", firefly beads. Finally, phosphorescent particles are added by hand to these creations, giving them the exceptional quality of glowing in the dark!

"Midnight blue" is Okinawa beads' most popular colour, reminiscent of the fireflies that glow in the dark of night. The deep blue is also a symbol of calm, strength and confidence. Finally, it is said that the formation of these pearls by fire brings purity, vitality and creativity to their owner.



What could be more soothing than the soft pink hues of Morganite? As tender on the inside as its appearance suggests, this fine stone is a symbol of peace, tenderness and wisdom. Also known as pink beryl, it attracts and strengthens bonds of love and friendship.

 Starring our new DAÏQUIRI ROSE piece, released for Valentine's Day, the timing couldn’t be better: the stone’s powerful crystal makes it the perfect gift for your other half. 

As a gift to yourself (and yes, you deserve it), morganite is used for meditation as it encourages relaxation and serenity. It is the stone of indulgence, objectivity and discernment.
Unsurprisingly, Morganite is linked to the heart chakra, symbolizing unconditional love, human qualities and, quite simply, the center of emotions.